Erin Burley

Over Erin Burley

Hello, My name is Erin Skye.
I am an Australian/Slovenian performer based in Rotterdam. My disciplines include aerial straps, hand-balancing and contortion.
Working six years in the corporate and gala scene in Australia gave me the strong foundation needed to continue my artistic exploration at Co
... darts Circus Arts between the years 2015 and 2019.
Through the years, both in Australia and in Europe, I have performed in children's shows, late night cabarets, Fringe and circus Festivals.
My current work explores how the relationship between audience and performer is formed when watching a human body on stage; and how the integration of delicate whispers and sounds, inspired by ASMR, can drastically affect this. This can be experienced in my act Welcome to the Void, as well as in my solo show A Circle of Exchange.