Etha Struick

Over Etha Struick

My name is Etha Struick, Founder of Nieuwcircus Choreographies , Circusschool De Acrobaat and Duo Ramblas.
I am a professional Circusperformer, New Circus-Choreographer since 1981.

I Studied Circustheatre and Lecoq-style Mime in Circus- and Theatreschools in England, Belgium, Spain, Holland.

... I studied Laban within the circus in The United Kingdom.
I am a circuspractitioner since 30 years.
And I was also trained professionaly by the Osmanisisters.

Discovering passionately for new circuscreations, already for 35 years and 14 countries.


Main á main acrobatics, New Circuschoreography, Labanbased allround circustraining/choreography, Lecoq Physical Theatrechoreography.

My Circuswork:

I was part of The Creative Crew of Theatrecircus Senso (U.K.), where also The Cirque du Soleil-Founders, were performing there.(1987/1988)

I was one of the first European circusartists to tour in The Senso New Circus-team in England and Israel.

I started at the base of New Circus, resulting in numerous New Circusshows- and Choreographies.

Discovering passionately for New Circuscreations, already for 35 years.

Currently I am working with Circusentertainer, Juggling Champion Bart Hoving in Choreographies for Circusproductions and Business Events.

My experience covered Opera, Circus, Theatre Festivals as well as Business Events:
The Holland Festival, A Circusexperience for BMW cars and The Dutch National Opera, World Friendships Games etc.

Circuschoreography and ‘made to measure’ advices for:

Pierre Audi, Anthony Heidweiler (Opera), Hans Klok, Bart Hoving, Karin Bloemen, illi Szekeres Circusclown, Monte Carlo Laureats, Chi Han Chao (Diabolo-Gold Medalist) Soleil- and Eloize artists, and more to come!

My circuscreations , developed into a personal circuslanguage
I am continously descovering new Circus ways.
It has proven to be succesful.

I received the honourable ‘Prins Bernhard Culture Award (1996)‘,
with The base Artistic Team for Theatrecircusgroup 020 Amsterdam.

According to the jury:
“A dazzling contemporary theatrecircus, fused with urban styles and poetic New Circus”.