Júlia Campistany

Over Júlia Campistany

I discovered in the circus the perfect balance between physicality, music and language and I decided to turn this passion into my profession. I moved to Rotterdam to continue my training, now as a circus professional. In the Netherlands I have the pleasure of collaborating with directors like Thomas... Falk, Francesco Sgrò and Roberto Magro. After graduating, I worked as a soloist in companies like Meyer-
Chaffaud (Soul 2 #Performers) and Circus Ronaldo (De Wonderlijke Kerst). In 2019, I premiered my first show ‘It Happens’ which toured in Dutch theaters as part of 'The Great Catch' and which is up until now touring in Europe. During 2021, I have been working on projects which connect the public space and performance arts such as circus, dance and music. Some of them are 'Publiek zonder circus', 'Corners of Zuid', 'Vitrines of Zuid', etc. In the last years, I started collaborating with artists as an outside art or artistic coach.