Corpomorphologistics (PREMIERE)

21.30 uur
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Toekomstlaan, Pelt, België

Tickets / prijs vanaf €7,-

Organisator Jessica Hellmuth
Contact jessica@hellmuth.com
Telefoonnummer +31 615095250
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Corpomorphologistics is a performance on the border between contemporary circus and performance art. Combining language, soundscape, movement, and concept the artist enters the stage as the center of a question to the group: How do we see me? There is only one rope, only one body, and only one space... but as the focus thickens much more appears than was initially looked for... or was it just ignored? Playing with layering and the countless ways a single body can morph, a language of shapes begins to intimately speak and be heard, understood, misinterpreted, and thought over.