Seminar Festival Circolo:

10.00 uur
Zwijsenplein 1, Tilburg, Nederland

Tickets / prijs vanaf €25,-
Festival Circolo
Soesja Pijlman
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Workfield seminar with lecture and workshops presided by Guillherme Miotto.
“As an artist you are not a 'blank canvas': you are a person with a certain appearance and a certain baggage in a certain context” stated keynote speaker Angelique Wilkie at the Circolo seminar in 2019. Guillherme Miotto,
... choreographer and artistic director of Corpo Máquina, will follow up on this as a key figure of the Circolo seminar '21: “The challenge is the context with the other.”

Please register before the 15th of October via shorturl.at/blyQZ