Seminar Festival Circolo | Dramaturgy of the performing body: The identity edition

09.30 uur
Zwijsenplein 1, Tilburg, Nederland

Tickets / prijs vanaf €25,-

Organisator Soesja Pijlman
Contact smpijlman@codarts.nl
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During the workfield seminar of 2022 in the 2022 seminar, we will follow up on Angelique Wilkies vision on the dramaturgy of the performing body: “As an artist you are not a blank canvas: you are a person with a certain appearance and a certain baggage in a certain context”. We’ll delve deeper into ... issues related to identity. How far do you take your identity in consideration as an artist? Do you give it a prominent role in your work as an artist or do you let go of your identity to take on a different role? The program contains inspiring speakers and interesting workshops.