Casting call - Tall Tales Company


Korte omschrijving

Casting call

For their new production, which is inspired by the classic novel A Clockwork Orange, Tall Tales Company is looking for circus performers with physical theatre skills as well as (physical) actors with acrobatic skills.

About the show
Fifty years after Stanley Kubrick’s famous movie adaptation, Tall Tales Company will create a circus version of the classic tale about violence and free will with five to seven circus performers. In the show the themes of the story are related to current events and we challenge the audience to take a look at its own fascination with violence. Which measures are governments allowed to take to combat the risk of violence, and at what cost? And when do you become an accomplice as an audience member? In a series of scenes in different circus disciplines, the surrealness of violence combined with circus skills allow for a balancing act on the border of humour and absurdism.

About Tall Tales Company
Tall Tales Company is a Dutch contemporary circus company that creates both outdoor and indoor performances in which circus skills are combined with (physical) theatre. A Clockwork Orange is the final instalment in a series of projects in the development of directors Harm van der Laan & Maartje Bonarius to circus maker and the first large project for the company after five smaller productions. The show will tour 15 to 20 theatres in The Netherlands and Belgium in the spring of 2021.

- We are looking for a total of 5-7 performers, one or two of these might be actors.
- We are willing to consider any circus discipline but are especially interested in partner acrobats.
- Secondary skills and other talents are greatly appreciated.
- We are looking for a mixed cast with performers of different genders, backgrounds, ethnicities and body types.
- You must be based in the EU, willing and able to live in the Netherlands for the entire rehearsal and tour period.
- You have to be able to express yourself through (at least) a basic level of English.

Practical information
A Clockwork Orange will be created in The Netherlands in two working periods of 4 or 5 weeks. Payment will be in accordance with the Dutch CAO theatre & dance (collective labour agreement).

Creation period 1: Oct-Nov 2020
Creation period 2: Jan-Feb 2021
Performance period: Mar-May 2021

Audition Details
The audition will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 8th and 9th of February 2020. The deadline to sign up for the audition is Sunday, January 26th via . To apply please send your resume, a link of recent performing footage as well as a note on what your ideas and/or connection are with regards to the themes of A Clockwork Orange.